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Fleas are wingless insects that pierce skin and suck blood off mammals. They're small and are 1.5mm to 3.3mm long. Normally, they are dark coloured and have tube-like mouth parts for sucking blood.

Most people can only tell if fleas are present in their home by the bites they leave. The bite is slightly painful, but fleas jump away quickly so you wont see the actual flea. After a few minutes a raised red bump will appear where the flea has bitten. Fleas are known to bite pets as well, so you should check all around to pet, paying extra attention to areas that the pet cant reach, for example, the upper leg. There may also be flea droppings. Check the pets bed also because fleas like to lay there eggs in places like that.

Fleas can cause medical problems such as skin irritations, and in some cases they can cause tapeworms, so it is important to rid the pets and yourself of the fleas.

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